About us

Authorised Hyundai Car Dealer in Lucknow

Mission Founded in 1998, Beeaar Hyundai is the oldest Hyundai dealer in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Beeaar sells thousands of cars each year and is now amongst leading dealerships in the region. Beeaar now boasts 2 world class showrooms, 2 service centers, and is one of four Hyundai parts distributor in the country. Beeaar is proud to contribute to Hyundai's success.

Building relationships through unmatched car buying experiences is the foundation of Beeaar. As a result, previous customers refer a significant number of new customers. Hyundai has recognized Beeaar for its outstanding sales experience by awarding it the National Retail Reward in 2009.

Our great sales experience has carried through to our service centers. Beeaar's body shop uses the most advanced tools and processes and is famed in the Lucknow region. Beeaar was recognized with the Top Performance Award in 2009, as measured by J.D. Power, for its workshop services. Beeaar is also an authorized distributor of Hyundai parts and supplies parts to all dealerships in Uttar Pradesh.

We hope your experience at Beeaar will be unmatched and pave the way for a new relationship!